Tax Refunds

For those of you gays, letties and queens who were born to shop – you´ll be glad to know that visitors to Cape Town and the rest of South Africa are able to claim back 14% (approximately 12.5% after all the fees are taken out) VAT (Value Added Tax) on goods purchased for export, but only on amounts where the total value exceeds ZAR250.

In order to claim, you´ll have to keep the original tax invoices (full receipts) and complete a VAT refund control sheet obtainable from the airport or harbour that you will be departing from. Make sure you have your purchases available for inspection when you depart, as they will need to be checked by a customs inspector.

  • There is a VAT counter at Cape Town´s V & A Waterfront Shopping Center where you can go to get your paperwork before you head for the airport. You´ll still need to stand in a queue at the airport to have you´re your purchases checked, but having this paperwork completed ahead of time will speed up the process.