Safety tips for Cape Town

Cape Town is as safe as any other destination in the world. As is the case when visiting any popular travel destination in the world, one should always adhere to the following basic safety measures to ensure that your stay is as pleasant and safe as possible.

  • Separate your cash and credit cards and don't carry all your cash with you.
  • Store parcels out of sight in the boot of the car.
  • Never leave your luggage unattended.
  • Do not allow strangers to assist you in your transactions at automated teller machines.
  • Try to obtain a route map before you set out and plan your route beforehand.
  • Try to explore in groups and stick to well-lit streets especially at night.
  • Never pick up strangers.
  • Park in well-lit areas at night.
  • Always drive with your doors locked and your windows closed.
If unsure of any area, approach the local police station or tourism office for further advice and guidance. Although incidents against tourists in Cape Town are rare, it is advisable for you to be aware of basic emergency procedures in the unlikely event that you are a victim of crime. If you have been victimised, call the police emergency number (10111) and briefly explain what happened. If you are using a cell phone dial 112 for emergency services. There is also a one-stop call centre to assist you. You may call the Tourism Information and Safety Call Line at 083 123 2345 any time, day or night, seven days a week. Tourists can ask about services (accommodation, transport, etc), queries of any kind, and what to do in an emergency. Further information on safety is available at

Important Cape Town Emergency Numbers

Western Cape Police Flying Squad
(Toll-free from landlines/ payphones)


Western Cape Ambulance


Cellphone Emergency Number
(Free on all cellphone networks)


Western Cape AA Emergency Road
Service (Toll-free from landlines/ payphones)

0800 01 0101

Western Cape Fire Brigade


Poison Information
(Toll-free from landlines/ payphones)

0800 33 3444

Western Cape Mountain Rescue Services

+27 21 948 9900 or 107

Western Cape Sea Rescue Services

+27 21 449 3500

Western Cape Aviation Rescue Services

+27 21 937 1211

Child Emergency
(Toll-free from landlines/ payphones)

0800 123 321

Western Cape Tourism Information and Safety Call Line

083 123 2345

Western Cape Tourist Police

+27 21 418 2853

All Emergency Line