No vaccinations are required for cholera or small pox. Travelers entering South Africa from countries where yellow fever is endemic are often required to present their yellow World Health Organization (WHO) vaccination record or other proof of inoculation, or they must be inoculated at the airport in order to be permitted entry.


There is no Malaria risk in Cape Town or the Western Cape. Malaria is mainly confined to the northern and northeastern half of the country, especially in the Lowveld, approximately 1800 km from Cape Town. There are also occasional outbreaks in the Kalahari region. However, if your journey to (or from) Cape Town takes you through any part of Africa where malaria is prevalent, it is advisable to start a course of anti-malarial tablets before you leave home.


Probably one of the most common afflictions for gay guys or gals on holiday in Cape Town is a sun burn! The Cape Town sun is lethal due to the close proximity to the hole in the ozone layer in the Southern Hemisphere – so take precautions and slap on a high factor sun block regularly. The most dangerous times for burning are between 10AM and 4PM.

Drinking water

Cape Town´s tap water is of a high standard. Water is treated so as to be free of harmful micro-organisms, and in any area other than informal or shack settlements, is both palatable and safe to drink straight from the tap. In some areas in Cape Town, the water is mineral-rich, and you may experience a bit of gastric distress for a day or two until you get used to it. For the queens and any other delicate gay men and womyn - bottled mineral water, both sparkling and still, is readily available from shops and vendors all over Cape Town.

Medical Services

Cape Town has medical services of a very high standard, particularly in the case of the major private clinics. In the event of an emergency contact the police on 10111 for directions to the nearest hospital. You may also contact the ambulance services on 10177. Many doctors do house calls and are listed under Medical in the Cape Town telephone directory.

  • If you are on chronic medication, make sure you bring a copy of the prescription or part of the packaging showing the brand/generic name with you on your holiday to Cape Town
  • If you wear spectacles, ensure you have a copy of your lens prescriptions. You can have spectacles replaced by any optician in Cape Town, and local opticians offer great service at value for money prices.
  • If traveling to rural areas or north from Cape Town, contact your local travel clinic for all necessary health precautions.