Gay Events Cape Town

MCQP - Mother City Queer Projects - December

The most popular gay event in Cape Town is the Annual Queer Celebration, the Mother City Queer Project (MCQP), a colossal gay party that marks the start (middle of December) of the gay summer holidays. Up to 7 000 revelers boogie the night away in ten different dance zones, dressed up to the hilt according to the season's theme. The projects are described as “wildly creative gay extravaganza(s),” a “total 'art form' that encompasses collaboration at all levels”.

Cape Town Pride - February

The theme for the 2006 Pride Festival is “Uniting Cultures of Cape Town”, and will take place from 17-26 February, culminating with the march and gay party on 26 February when thousands of South African and Cape Town gay men and women parade through the city centre to celebrate democracy and gay equality.

Brenda's Bash - Monthly

Theo Marais Park, Koeberg Rd. Lesbian parties once a month.

Deon's Gat Party - Bimonthly

“Gat” is the Afrikaans word for “hole” - this party can best be described as a kind of a Barn Dance event. Here you can make your pick -- gay men or lesbian -- and twirl around the room on ABBA and other two-step gay favorites. By popular demand, this gay event takes place twice a month. 2nd and last Saturdays. Theo Marais Park, Koeberg Rd, Milnerton.