Frequently Asked Questions

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Travelers, guests and establishments can search through our extensive list of gay accommodation Cape Town establishments and venues, or for accommodation just one and a half hours drive from Cape Town, we feature some of our highly recommended Greyton accommodation venues here.

Why should I advertise my establishment on Gap Leisure?
Click here to read about Gay Travel trends and statistics.

How much does it cost to join Gap Leisure?
2010/2011 - Annual listing fees are R 1,200.00 per annum per Business / Establishment (except Nightsbridge clients)

When do I have to pay?
Payment of your account must be finalised within 7 days of receiving your invoice from Gap Leisure. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your listing with Gap Leisure.

How long will I be listed on Gap Leisure?
It is an annual listing from the date joined as per date of invoice. An annual renewal invoice will go out on month 11 of the listed period.

What if I need to cancel my listing?
Your listing with Gap Leisure can be terminated at anytime throughout your 12 month period. Unfortunately we will not refund any fees paid, unless by mutual agreement.

I am not gay, neither are any of my staff. Can I still list my accommodation on Gap Leisure?
Yes, absolutely. Gap Leisure is an accommodation directory of establishments that will not discriminate against people’s sexual orientations. If you do not feel uncomfortable in the company of homosexual and bisexual people and do not judge or criticize them your are gay friendly. Please make sure that all your staff have gay friendly values too, and then register your establishment with us.

Can you include me in your listings and just link to my own website?
No. Our offer creates additional internet exposure to the international gay market using the Gap Leisure accommodation portal. We only include Gap Leisure Partners in our listing pages. We do not offer a "classifieds" service.

What material do you need from me?
The Register your Establishment page will prompt you to fill in all the required information about your establishment. Please be as accurate and specific as possible. You will also need to submit the following elements:

  • You should send us a selection of good quality digital images. We recommend displaying 6 photographs of your property (interior and exterior)
  • Photos are landscape in orientation, with a resolution of 640x480 pixels (you are welcome to email them through to us, and we can assist with sizing)
  • Your logo
  • A map or map co-ordinates

How do I send you the material?
Click on the Register your Establishment button. Complete the registration page and submit your registration. You will then be prompted to the next pages where you will be guided on how to upload your images, logo and map or you can email us at:
What formats should my photos be?
Images can be sent as JPG files. Please ensure that you send through high quality images – preferably 640x480 pixels. Please ensure that your images do not exceed 2MB. The system does not accept files larger than this. You can email us your photos at:

How do I register my establishment?
Click here and follow the instructions and fill in the required information. This should take about half an hour, make sure you have all the necessary details readily available. Click submit when you are done.


STEP 1: Fill in the registration form
  • Click here for the Register your Establishment page
  • Read the instructions on the page, and click the button to get started.
  • Fill in the required information
  • Click Submit
  • Note, The registration process is not yet complete - you will still need to complete the following 3 steps. Your page will not go live until you have completed these steps.

STEP 2: Confirm your registration

  • Download your email
  • There should be an email from Gap Leisure.
  • If there is no email, you might have entered the incorrect personal email address during the registration process. You could also try checking your bulk or junk mail folder.
  • The email will contain your user name (which is your email address) and your password
  • There will also be a button or link prompting you to continue the registration, please click on this "Continue Registration" button or link
  • This will take you to a web page that will confirm your registration

STEP 3: Upload your images

  • Once you've confirmed your registration, you can upload your images immediately by clicking on the "Upload Images" button on the same page
  • Alternatively you can come back at a later date to upload your images. Go to and click on the "Establishment Login" button on the top right of the page.
  • Log in using your user name and password (supplied in the email)
  • Click on the tab called "Edit Images". On this page you should be able to upload your main image. Use the text links to direct you to pages where you can upload secondary images, your logo and a map with directions.

STEP 4: Payment

  • R 1,200.00 annual listing fee.
  • IMPORTANT: Please pay the exact amount and quote your Establishment Name in the reference field of the deposit slip or transfer form. Your payment cannot be allocated to your order without this information!
  • BANK: Nedbank
    BRANCH: Business Winelands
    BRANCH CODE: 149-821
    ACCOUNT HOLDER: Jajo Design (Pty) Ltd
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 149-810-3391
    YOUR REFERENCE: Your Establishment Name
    SWF code for international payments: NEDSZAJJ

I completed the online registration form but did not receive my "Complete Your Registration" Email. What now?
If you do not receive confirmation of your registration or an invoice via email, first check your bulk or junk mail folder. If it is not there, you may have submitted the incorrect email address during registration. Your data will be in our memory bank, (provided that you clicked submit). Email, and give us the correct email address and your establishment's name and we will be able to assist you in continuing with the process.

How many photos do you need of my property?
We recommend that you send us approximately 6 photographs to work with, showing various interior and exterior views of your property. We allow a minimum of 3 photographs. The image of your property is best in ‘landscape’ in a 640x480 resolution.

Will you take the photographs for me?
We do not offer this service for free. Contact us to discuss the options we provide and can help you with.

Can I make changes to my listing after it has been activated?
You are welcome to update your listing at any time. You can do this by logging on at the Establishment Login page using your username and password. Once logged in, you will be able to change or update the information displayed on your site. Your changes will appear on your live listing as soon as you have clicked submit. Please contact for further assistance.

I have made changes to my listing but the changes were not registered, what went wrong?
Did you click the Submit button? You will find the Submit button at the bottom of the “Edit your Text” or “Edit your Images” pages. Any further queries contact

What does it cost to update my listing?
Nothing. You can update your listing with new images, logos, maps, prices, and text whenever you have to, wherever you are. It is free of charge and can be done as often as you like.

How many enquiries can I expect from Gap Leisure?
That's a difficult question to answer as it depends on so many variables - your location, the quality of your accommodation as portrayed in your photographs, your rates and your service to guests, before, during and after their stay.

Will I be under any obligation to renew my listing?
No, you will never be under any obligation to renew your listing with Gap Leisure. A renewal invoice will be generated on month 11 of your yearly listing with Gap Leisure for you to pay for the year ahead or cancel.

What if I need to cancel my listing?
Please send us your cancellation notification in writing via a signed fax to +27 (0)21 413 1473 Attention: Gap Leisure. Please note that no refund is payable.

What happens if I sell my property - can I transfer my listing?
Yes. Please ask the new owners to fax a signed letter to Gap Leisure at +27 (0)21 413 1473, Attention: Gap Leisure, stating that they are taking ownership of the property, that they wish to continue with Gap Leisure and accept the Terms and Conditions of Agreement.

What is Gap Leisure's telephone number?
Contact us during office hours on +27 (0)21 801 4801. Office Hours are 08h00 - 17h00, GMT +2, Monday to Friday with only voicemail on weekends.

How do I contact Gap Leisure?
Please send your queries to us via email: