Frequently Asked Questions

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Travelers, guests and establishments can search through our extensive list of gay accommodation Cape Town establishments and venues, or for accommodation just one and a half hours drive from Cape Town, we feature some of our highly recommended Greyton accommodation venues here.

How long will I wait for a response from my enquiry?
24 hours

Do you take a commission on a confirmed booking?
Yes, we have a negotiated rate with each establishment, which will ensure that the buyer is always ensured of the best deal.

How do I pay for my confirmed booking?
Bookings may be paid via all major credit cards, as well as bank transfer. All bookings run strictly on prepayment basis.

How do I cancel my booking?
Bookings may be cancelled in writing via email or fax with the central reservations office. Confirmed bookings will be subject to certain cancellation fee policies. These policies will be sent to each buyer on confirmation of the booking.

How do I change my booking dates?
Bookings may be amended in writing via email of fax with the central reservations office.

I am not gay; can still I use your site to book accommodation?
Yes, of course! Establishments that only cater for gay men or gay women will indicate that on their establishment page. Look out for the “All welcome” and “Gay friendly” text on the establishment page, that will indicate that you can visit them too.

What does "gay friendly" mean?
Gay friendly means that an establishment will not discriminate against homosexuals or bisexuals or any other sexual orientation provided that you the guest conform to the house rules of the establishment. Establishments that are gay friendly, are not necessarily gay owned or run by gay staff. It only means that they will treat gay people with the same respect they treat all their other guests.

Are all the accommodation establishments on this site gay owned? Are the staff also gay?
No, not necessarily. However, all of the accommodation establishments listed on Gap Leisure are gay friendly.

What happens when I am not happy with my accommodation when I arrive at my destination?
Gap Leisure can not give any guarantees about the establishments listed on our webpage but we would like to hear from you. If you are not happy please send your comments to us by email at When your are very pleased with your accommodation you can do the same. It is good to know which establishments go the extra mile.

Can Gap Leisure do reservations for me?
No, Gap Leisure does not offer a booking service, please book or enquire directly through the accommodation establishment.

I have great digital photo's of a pride event here in my home town, can you add it to your E-card galleries?
Yes, please forward your contribution to We appreciate all contributions and will give you credit in the gallery.

What is Gap Leisure's phone number?

We do not put our phone number on the webpage due to the amount off calls that we receive. We would like you to email us and if you want us to phone you please provide us with a phone number in your email message.

What is Gap Leisure's phone number?
Contact us during office hours on +27 (0)21 801 4801. Office Hours are 08h00 - 17h00, GMT +2, Monday to Friday with only voicemail on weekends.

I still have more questions - how do I contact Gap Leisure?
Please send your queries to us via email: