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MCQP 2010
Held at the Cape Town Stadium, this year's "Flower Power" themed MCQP has been hailed as the best yet. There were all sorts of pansies, flour-bags, 'beetles' and potted plants. Bell-bottoms, peace symbols, shirtless hunks and loads of silk flowers made for a fantastic party.
Joburg Pride 2010
Joburg Pride's theme this year was "We Are All African". This year, the Joburg Pride Parade was a huge rainbow of colour and creative fabulosity. A massive turnout - and magnificent sponsors - turned this year's Pride parade into a huge celebration of freedom and unity.
Knysna Pink Loerie 2010
The Pink Loerie is the first and only Mardi Gras on the African contentinent, and this year a bevy of boys, girls, and all those in between, dusted off their pink feather boas and hit the streets of Knysna to camp it up and party the weekend away.
CT Pride 2010
Cape Town Pride 2010 was the largest and most fabulous Pride celebration that Cape Town has seen yet. There were two weeks of celebrations building up to the Parade, which was the biggest Cape Town has ever seen.
MCQP 2008
Tinseltown came to Cape Town for MCQP's annual costume party. The theme was "Lights, Camera, Action!" and gorgeous party goers were seen channelling the likes of Lara Croft (Womb Raider), Cum Forrest Cum, Saving Ryan's Privates... not to mention the loads of dishy Brokeback Mountain Cowboys posses of Play Bunnies that were on display.
CT Pride 09
The theme for 2009 was 'Pink Ubuntu - Uniting Cultures of Cape Town' and the day was a feast of fashion, friendship, flamboyance and fabulousness as gay people from all walks took to the streets of Cape Town in celebration of their interconnectedness.
CT Pride 08
The Mother City hosted yet another successful Cape Town Pride as superheroes strutted and minced through the city's streets in the "Heroe's" Parade. Two weeks of exciting events and festivities culminated in parties at De Waterkant, Cape Town's gay village.
MCQP 2007
The theme was "Matric Dance - Back to School" - seen strutting through Homo High's corridor were Homo-Economics students, Hol Monitors, Lusty Librarians, Gayola crayons, Prom Queens, Cum Laude students, Dic pens ...and lets not forget the gazillions of Head Boys and Girls and Queerleaders!
Moby Dick 2007
Hermanus rolled out the pink carpet for the annual Moby Dick Festival, which kicked off with The Blowhole Gat Party on the Friday night. Saturday's Whale Rider beach party was followed by the Into the Deep party featuring DJ Derek "The Bandit".
Joburg Pride 2007
Jozi didn't let a little storm rain on their parade - the show went on and a marvellous patsy was had by all.
2007 Knysna Pink Loerie
Thousands of Birds and Queens and Poefies and Moffies and Dykes and Mussel Mary’s and Lesbeterians and Twinks and Sluts and Clora’s; strutted their stuff through the streets of Knysna to celebrate the annual Pink Loerie Mardi Gras which took place on Saturday the 28th April.
Cape Town Pride - Feb 07
All things pride and beautiful strutted their stuff through Cape Town's streets to spread the love at The Carnival of Love - this year's theme for Cape Town Pride.
MCQP Comic Strip 2006
Comic Strippers and Superheroines rocked Gotham City like its never been done before! There were 101 Dominations, Masturbators of the Universe (with KY guns), Bang Bang Poofs, Josie and the Pussycats, Modesty Blaise, Ass Tricks, Get Yer Fix, The Simpsons (including Homo) and loads of deliciously buff Popeyes to feast the eyes on.
Joburg Pride - September 2006
Jozi's rainbow community gathered together to "Be proud... speak out" - this year's theme that was chosen to signify the need for being proud to be gay and to speak out about it... and also to have the same attitude about HIV and AIDS.
Thank you to Vaughan Davies and Jason Fiddler for sharing their photos with us.
Pink Loerie Mardi Gras - Knysna, May 2006
The Knysna Pink Loerie Mardi Gras took place from 25 to 28 May 2006. The event has become one of the highlights of the South African lesbigay calendar. These photos was taken when this unusually raucous bird walked through the main street of Knysna.
Cape Town Pride - February 2006
Cape Town Pride 2006's theme was Uniting Cultures of Cape Town.
View the photos of the Pride Parade, and the Street Party that took place in the heart of De Waterkant, also known as the gay village of Cape Town.

It's a circus - December 2005
The most fabulous Mother City Queer Party (MCQP) yet with ringmasters, bear trainers, strong men, clowns and bearded ladies. The 12th annual MCQP was held at Ratanga Junction in Cape Town on Saturday night, 17 December 2005.
Joburg Pride - September 2005
Joburg's LGBTI community strutted their stuff through the streets of Jozi, declaring their "Right to be and freedom to express" at the city's 16th "Sweet 16" gay pride. The march culminated at the Heartlands, where a feast of cherry-popping entertainment and fun was laid on.

Brighton Mardi Gras, - August 2005
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Take a look at the flamboyant parade and party that took place in Brighton at the UK's largest Gay Pride festival, and one of the highlights on everyone's calendar on the mud island.
Pink Loerie Mardi Gras - Knysna, May 2005
The Knysna Loerie is characteristically a very shy bird, but the Knysna Pink Loerie Mardi Gras is a different kettle of feathers! 1000's of pink party goers pulled into South Africa's favourite seaside town for a weekend of good queen fun.
Cape Town Pride - February 2005
Rainbow revellers streamed through the streets of Cape Town's city centre. The Mother City laid on her finest weather, and the mother of all parties was had by those who stuck around.
MCQP Jungle Fever - Cape Town, December 2004
Check out the fabulous costumes at 2004's MCQP Party, Cape Town's biggest and most famous gay fancy dress party. This year the theme was Jungle Fever and featured a plethora of exotic creatures, not to mention an abundance of loin cloths.
Brighton Mardi Gras - August 2004
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In 2003 Pride in Brighton & Hove was voted the best party in the country, and some 100,000+ people arrived on the party day in 2004, which has also picked up a number of prestigious gongs.
Cape Town Pride 2004
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MCQP Kitsch Kitchen - Cape Town, December 2003
The theme was "Kitsch Kitchen" and naked chefs, chicken a la queens, homo herbs and full flavoured finger-licking fruity friends were on the menu at Cape Town's famous 2003 MCQP fancy dress party.